The 2016 Hurricane Season

We are all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for best.  But if you listen to the experts, this could be a busy hurricane season.  NC State researchers say we could see 15-18 tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin rather than the average of 11, (

As we all know and some of us remember, it pays to be prepared.  The North Carolina Department of Insurance provides some excellent information in helping you prepare for this season.  Just take a look at their NCHURRICLAIMS TOOLKIT at

TriSure will be there for you in the event of a storm.  Our staff is ready to help you get your claim reported promptly and handled as quickly as possible.  While you can always call us at 919-469-2473, here is a list of numbers for our insurance partners as well.

And for all the trivia buffs, the official season, June 1 through November 30, will actually start with “Bonnie” rather than an “A” name. That is because the Mother Nature didn’t get the memo and we started 2016 off with Hurricane “Alex” on January 10, 2016!