Types of Business Insurance Coverage


From professional liability insurance to employee benefit plans, TriSure offers a full spectrum of policies designed to protect every facet of your business. We have experience not only with every type of insurance, but with an expansive array of industries from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Through a professional consultation, we’ll learn about your business, its risks and goals, and make recommendations on customized insurance packages.

And with our safety and health consulting, TriSure can offer expert advice in helping you reduce risks through safety audits, employee training and safety program implementation.

TriSure also provides a dedicated client advocacy program that makes sure our clients receive a quick and fair resolution to their claims, while minimizing headaches and bureaucratic paperwork.

Please consult the list for a brief description of our major business policies. Then consult a TriSure professional who will get you started.

  • Aviation


    A global marketplace makes for increased air travel. Aviation insurance comes in two basic forms: it protects passengers or pilots, usually on a scheduled aircraft; or it covers employees’ flight travels under a company’s master policy.

  • Builders Risk

    Builders Risk

    Even the best laid construction plans can result in unexpected property damage. Construction insurance protects against loss to buildings or structures in the course of construction.

  • Commercial Automobile

    Commercial Automobile

    Protect your business vehicles and your employees, too. TriSure offers a broad range of commercial automobile policies that provide both property and liability coverage on any business vehicle designed for use on public roads or highways.

  • Commercial Property

    Commercial Property

    Aside from your employees, your business property is your most valuable asset and integral to the success of your company. TriSure commercial property insurance protects against damages and/or financial loss to your business property, from buildings to equipment to products, as well as legal liability for damages caused to other people and/or their property.

  • Crime


    No one wants to think about employees taking from the company, or break-ins and burglaries. Yet they can and do happen. TriSure crime insurance protects against money, securities or other property due to theft, burglary or robbery.

  • Directors and Officers Liability

    Directors and Officers Liability

    Company directors and officers increasingly find themselves under the microscope with respect to the way they conduct business. Lawsuits arising from claims of negligence, omissions and/ or misleading statements are on the rise, and the costs can be exorbitant. Directors and Officer’s (D & O) insurance protect directors, officers and their companies through a variety of policies:

    Corporate reimbursement coverage protects directors and officers of the corporation. Side-A coverage provides personal liability coverage for directors and officers when they are not protected [...]
  • Employee Benefit Plans

    Employee Benefit Plans

    Employee benefit plans play a significant role in attracting and keeping qualified employees. TriSure’s experienced and market-savvy employee benefits consultants can help you create the right program for your company.

  • Employment Practices

    Employment Practices

    There comes a time in every company where employees are released of their duties. Employment Practices insurance protects employers by covering against claims of wrongful termination, discrimination and other alleged violations of employees’ legal rights.

  • Flood Insurance

    Flood Insurance

    Everyone lives in a flood zone- it is just a question of whether you live in a low, moderate, or high risk area.  Your homeowner’s policy DOES NOT include coverage for damage caused by flooding or rising surface water.

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  • General Liability

    General Liability

    The assets your company worked so hard to attain could be drained with a single lawsuit. General liability insurance protects your company’s assets by covering legal fees and losses due to lawsuits for injury or property damages. As the name implies, general liability is broad in scope; many policies are available that can be tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Inland Marine

    Inland Marine

    Think of it as financial bubble wrap for your shipping goods. Inland marine insurance covers articles shipped by virtually every means of transit except ocean transit. It also can include coverage for your mobile equipment, your tools, buildings under construction.

  • Professional Liability

    Professional Liability

    Another important way to protect your company’s assets. Professional liability insurance provides financial protection for professionals who are sued by their clients for alleged negligence and errors or omissions.

  • Transportation Insurance

    Transportation Insurance

    TriSure has decades of experience assisting Fortune 500 transportation companies with their insurance solutions. We have a comprehensive range of transportation insurance policies for large and small fleets alike, all designed to protect your goods en route to their final destination, whether by air, rail, truck, barge or ship.

  • Umbrella Liability

    Umbrella Liability

    Umbrella liability provides extra peace of mind for you and your business. It covers losses above and beyond those of underlying policies such as general liability insurance. As an added benefit, coverage afforded by umbrella insurance is sometimes broader than that of underlying policies.

  • Workers’ Compensation

    Workers’ Compensation

    Workers’ compensation covers the medical care of workers injured on the job, as well as lost wages incurred while they are unable to work. State laws govern many provisions, including the amount of benefits and compensation paid. TriSure also offers safety and health consulting to help you reduce the risks of accidents in the workplace. Assistance with successful claims resolution is also available through our client advocacy program.