Home Security Systems used to be considered a luxury or an expensive, intrusive decision that required hard wiring your home.

Now many systems are completely wireless and competition has driven the average costs to what could be a more affordable level.

And, all of our Homeowner Insurance Partners provide a discount on your Home Owners policy if you have a monitored system.  In many cases the discount can offset quite a bit of the monitoring costs.  Take a look at the Top 10 Recommended Systems for 2017 from Consumersadvocate.org.

OK so see where you are on your chore list.  Put the snow shovel away, make sure your mower has a sharp blade and get ready for pollen season….And don’t forget some TLC for your home.  Here are some more good articles on preparing your home for spring!  The folks at Freshhome.com have some quick tips for around the house.


HGTV has some great information on maintenance ideas that are good any time of the year.

I know we’ve been teased by relatively nice weather this winter and that lingering thought that we may still get a blast in the weeks ahead.

But take heart!  Groundhog Day means Spring IS COMING.  Whether it is Sir Walter Raleigh or Punxsutawney Phil, or the Daffodils that are sneaking up in your yard, it is going to get better.

And now is the time to prepare your home for that wonderful season of new life.  Take a look at this great article from our partners at  Travelers.

Throughout the year, Friends of Wake Guardian Ad Litem work with the community to collect school supplies and backpacks for children in need. There are many children in our schools who do not have the resources to start school with the necessary school supplies.  The classroom environment is a haven for most children that live in poverty and have limited, if any, resources to support their educational needs.

TriSure employees donated their time for this fantastic cause by gathering school supplies and assembling backpacks for some of these kids. The goal of this project is to set each child up for success and have them feel a sense of pride on their first day of school.