Accident Investigation

When to report

  • Begin investigation immediately-crucial to collect evidence and interview witnesses as soon as possible because evidence will disappear and people will forget

Actions at the accident scene

  • Check for danger
  • Help the injured
  • Secure the scene
  • Identify and separate witnesses
  • Gather the facts

What to report

  • Just the facts, no conjecture, theory, opinions
  • Conduct and document an investigation that answers
  • Who was present
  • What activities were occuring
  • What happened
  • Where and what time

Fact finding (just the facts and only the facts)

  • Witnesses and physical evidence
  • Employees/other witnesses
  • Position of tools and equipment
  • Equipment operation logs, charts, records
  • Equipment identification numbers
  • Take notes of weather conditions
  • Note housekeeping and general working environment
  • Note floor and working surface condition
  • photos, photos, photos

How to report

  • Accident report form

Accident Prevention

What ifs…broken chair, etc