Melanie Airington, CISR, AAI
Commercial Account Manager 919-388-1949 (o)
Ashley Alphin
Partner 919-388-1908 (o)
919-810-3333 (m)
Carol Ambrister
Account Manager 919-208-2302 (o)
Andrew Bateman
Client Executive 919-208-2303 (o)
919-795-3971 (m)
C. Lee Collier
Commercial Account Manager 919-388-1903 (o)
John L. Cramer, AAI, CIC
Chief Executive Officer/Managing Partner 919-388-1960 (o)
919-418-3636 (m)
Leslie Eyster, CISR
Commercial Account Manager 919-719-5644 (o)
Lori Hamlet, CISR, CRIS
Commercial Account Manager 919-719-5631 (o)
Kate Hartley
Controller 919-388-1911 (o)
Diane Hobbs, CIC, CISR
Senior Commercial Account Manager 919-469-2473 (o)
Candace Little
Commercial Account Manager 919-208-2304 (o)
John C. Messner, CLU
Commercial Account Executive 919-388-1928 (o)
919-946-9777 (m)
Holly Moore
Account Manager 919-208-2305 (o)
Heidi O’Connor, CISR
Commercial Account Manager 919-388-1945 (o)
  Sterling Parker, CISR, AAI
Commercial Account Manager 919-388-1913 (0)
Dan R. Sanderson, CIC, CRM, CAWC
Partner 919-388-1910 (o)
919-810-7183 (m)
Lisa Scotto, CIC, CISR
Commercial Account Manager 919-719-5646 (o)
Hudson Smelcer
Partner 919-388-1902 (o)
919-618-5297 (m)
Kurt Sokolowski
Senior Partner 919-388-1925 (o)
919-819-8366 (m)
Susan R. Cain, CISR, CPSR
Personal Account Manager 919-388-1950 (o)
Lee Covey, AAI
Personal Account Manager 919-719-5645 (o)
Jay R. Baas, CPCU, AIC
Claims Manager 919-719-5643 (o)
919-349-2584 (m)
Tom Hayes
Safety and Health Consultant 919-469-2473 (o)
919-868-6807 (m)
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