Types of Personal Insurance Coverage


TriSure offers a virtually every type of personal insurance policy for your protection and well being. Below please find a brief, but by no means all-inclusive, list of our most common personal property and health and life policies. Through a personal consultation, a TriSure professional will explain our full range of insurance products and services, and build a customized insurance plan with the right complement of policies for your lifestyle, personal circumstances and comfort level.


  • Automobile


    As Americans spend more on their cars–and more time in their cars– choosing the right automobile insurance is increasingly important. TriSure offers a wide range of automobile policies that include coverage for vehicle damage, injuries to you, and liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others arising out of the operation of your vehicle.

  • Boats


    Different vehicle, similar coverage: TriSure Boat policies are similar in protection to our personal automobile policies. Policies generally provide coverage for recreational watercraft 17-27 feet in length, including damage to your boat and permanently attached equipment (such as spars, sails, rigging, and machinery);  first-party physical damage and bodily injury; and often, uninsured boaters coverage.

  • Flood


    The damage caused by flooding and its aftermath can be devastating. TriSure Flood Insurance reimburses you for property damage caused by floods.

  • Homeowners


    Your home is likely one of the biggest investments, if not the biggest investment, you will ever make. TriSure homeowners insurance policies provide protection inside and out. They protect your home and property structures– as well as personal possessions inside your house–against windstorms, fire, theft and more, depending on the policy. An all-risk policy offers the broadest coverage,.  protecting against all perils except a few specifically excluded in the policy. Should you have to move out while your home is [...]

  • Jewelry


    Jewelry is valuable in every sense of the word, from both a financial and sentimental perspective. Our personal jewelry insurance covers jewelry made at least in part of precious metals and alloys, as well as pearls and precious or semi-precious stones.

  • Personal Umbrella

    Personal Umbrella

    Simply put, it’s extra peace of mind. Personal umbrella insurance covers for losses above and beyond those of underlying policies such as homeowners and auto insurance. As an added benefit, coverage afforded by umbrella insurance is sometimes broader than that of underlying policies.

  • Renters


    Even if you don’t have a mortgage under your belt, you probably have a lot worth protecting under your roof. Protect your furniture, clothing and other valuable possessions with renter’s insurance. Similar to a homeowners policy, renter’s insurance combines broad personal property and personal liability coverage, such as medical expenses for visitors injured in your home.