Shop Safely This Holiday Season!!

If you are like much of our country, how you are shopping for the Holidays is changing….and quickly!

Because of all they can offer, smartphones and tablet devices are essential to getting that perfect gift. However, as use rises, it will become more and more important to ensure that security for these mobile devices is able to adequately protect you from new and existing threats.

The need for proper phone security is no different than the need keeping your valuables safely locked when not in use or keeping close tabs on your checkbook. Gone are the days when the most sensitive information on your phone is contact names and numbers. Now a smartphone could grant access to any number of applications, emails and stored passwords. Depending on how you use such devices, unauthorized access to the information on a smartphone or tablet could be catastrophic to your bank account as well as your credit information.

Lost or Stolen Devices

Because of their size and nature of use, mobile devices are at an increased risk of being lost or stolen. Since most devices automatically store passwords in their memory to keep users logged in to email and other applications, having physical possession of the device is one of the easiest ways for unauthorized users to access private information.

To prevent someone from accessing a lost or stolen device, the phone or tablet should be locked with a password. The password should be time sensitive, automatically locking the phone out after a short period of inactivity. Most devices come with such security features built in, which is something you should consider before purchasing. Depending on your cellphone provider, there are also services that allow you to remotely lockdown or erase a device in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Malicious Attacks

Mobile devices have the potential to be just as susceptible to malware and viruses as computers, yet many people don’t consider instituting the same type of safeguards. As reliance on these devices continues to grow, so will their attractiveness as potential targets. Third-party applications are especially threatening as a way for malware to install itself onto a device. Know what app you are installing or file you are downloading on your mobile device.

We hope you and your family have a very safe and blessed Holiday.